What kind of jeans are most attractive on a girl?

1) What kind of jeans do you think are most attractive on a girl? What wash, color, type, etc (skinny, flare, bootcut, straight leg, jeggings, etc)

2) Do you think certain body types look better in different kinds of jeans?

3)I wear a size 4-6 petites/short but I'm very curvy. I'm only a little over 5 feet and my waist is a lot smaller than my hips, my stomach is flat, my chest is big, I have a big butt, and my thighs are toned but on the thicker side. So I find that on me, only skinny or pencil/straight leg jeans look good, because since my legs are short and not skinny a wide bottom like flare or wide bootcut just doesn't flatter me that well. Does this make sense that only skinny jeans or straight leg would flatter my body?

4) What is your favorite place to buy girls' jeans? I personally love American Eagle. They aren't so expensive and their jeans always make your butt look nice, and they have a variety of lengths and kinds. They just have a nice fit.

5) What exactly is the difference between jeggings and skinny jeans? I mean the pants that are made out of real denim and not cotton painted like denim. Is it that real denim jeggings are stretchier than skinny jeans? Or what?



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  • 1- Boot cut is the most flattering on all women and I like the dark blue jeans.

    2- Yes of course

    3- generally boot leg is better on curvey women so that's a little odd that it's the opposite lol

    4- I really don't care where I get jeans, I'm a pretty big fan of fashion bug because it's a store for curvey women.

    5- The difference is jeggins are gross lol jk jeggins aren't built for everyone so most people shouldn't wear them.


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What Guys Said 3

  • low rise boot

  • Levi's jeans mmmmm dark blue or light blue

  • I haven't yet met a woman ( all body types) who couldn't pull off dark navy jeggings


What Girls Said 2

  • 1. bootcut/slight flare is flattering on almost all girls. I like dark rinses, dark blue or black.

    2. definitely. for example, some girls look great in skinny jeans, some girls don't.

    3. yup. that makes complete sense.

    4. I like jeans from express, gap. honestly though, the best pair of jeans I ever wore were from diesel.

    5. jeggings are definitely stretchier. you don't have to zip them up or button them. they're comfortable like leggings too.

    • My jeggings from American Eagle look like a full regular pair of jeans, made out of denim, with a button and zipper and all. The only thing I notice is that they have more stretch and are cut a little shorter (which is better since almost all jeans are too long on me :P) Guess it depends on the brand

    • hahaha, most jeans are too long for me too. I always buy petite or short :p but yea, I guess it does depend on brand.

  • For your body type? Dark wash, straight leg.


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