Should I text him again? or give up? please help!

so I met this guy on Facebook by commenting on one of his pics that he was cute, I go to an all girls school and he goes to one of the all boy schools near me, and then we started talking and he asked if I wanted to skpe which I was cool with until he started asking me if I wanted to see his abs and if id show my boobs! So I quickly showed him and now I feel horrible about it and I waited for him to text me almost a week later and now he said he wants to do it again just to get it overwith before we start to get to know each other because I said I was shy and he said he's doing it so I can get over my shyness...yeah right! so now I told him that I refuse to do it again so we can either get to know each other better or just forget it and it's been a day and he hasn't answered...what should I do? he just left me hanging...even if he doesn't want to talk anymore shouldn't he tell me? any advice?


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  • how come I can't come across girls like you...the relationship between you two shouldn't based off of you showing your t*ts to him on skype. If that's all he wants from you then move on. Relax it's only been a day...wait a few days and see what he says if at all. If nothing, wait another week. If nothing then I think you should stop and look elsewhere.

    • thanks! I just hope he answers because even if he doesn't want to talk anymore id rather have him say it ya know? idk. oh and ha ha we're out there just harder to find because we're shy and don't know what to do most of the time, and I haven't had much luck in meeting guys but whatever it'll happen eventually, I hope

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    • okay thanks! let me know if you can think of anything...cuz I don't know what to say after my last comment of refusing to show my...on skype and I did tell him to forget it if he doesn't want to just talk and get to know me better. maybe ill give it a week...?

    • you could tell him what you've been doing lately, or your upcoming plans, then casully ask him what he's been doing. Bam, conversation right there

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