What does a guy have to do to impress girls?

girls what are the things a guy has 2 do 2 impress u?


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  • well, me personally, I really like it when a guy spends a bit of extra time with me and goes out of his way 2 be with me. extra little compliments help to. just be her best friend, and she's shure to crush on you soon.( no showing off cheesy jerk moves like teasing or "athletic skills"). expecually if your not all that good. girls like the sweet, sensitiv type. but don't go overboard and become a nerd.i no, were complicated, butya gotta love us! ;)

  • Be ready for a long list joke. Hmm... Be friendly, kind, funny, fit, good style sense, goodlooking & not be a perv.

    • Define not a perv please.

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    • Oh so basically a dude who basically only shows physical and sexual stuff. Sometimes people say not a perv and they'll be like "He can't say anything about my boobs or as or legs." Well he's a guy he's gonna like that stuff so he shouldn't be a perv cause he might have said that once or twice.

    • Its not just that, they go into dept. But for each person it varies :)

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