Ugly without wearing makeup?

Recently my skin has gone through some acne trauma due to trying birth control for one month...which I will never do again in my life. I've always had acne but I grew out of it in the last few years and it hasn't been a problem till now. Now I have acne scars all of both of my cheeks and the side of my chin. The scars are probably moderate scars..not too severe. Only one of the marks is indented but otherwise they're all superficial and will probably go away in time (I'm also using diff prescriptions to help). Anyways, now I have become so dependent on wearing makeup- well specifically foundation. My makeup isn't too heavy, just a layer of foundation and then make some bronzer/blush and some clear mascara. With makeup on I look okay. I don't think I'm ugly in general and I don't mean to be cocky but I know lots of guys like me and people always compliment me. I still feel really insecure though. What if I had a serious relationship and my boyfriend saw my face without makeup on and I have all these ugly scars. What would you think? I feel like I'm lying about myself by wearing makeup but I feel so ugly and lose my confidence without it on. If you went out with a girl in my situation would it bother you if her skin isn't that great without makeup on/
Oh and by the way, before this breakout happened I would hardly wear I would be able to go to college without it on etc. Now I can only go to groceries stores without it on.


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  • If I ever dated a girl I liked in the same situation as yours I'd really not care.


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  • In my experience, guys really don't care what you look like without make-up. Actually, every man who has gotten to see me without make-up liked it. Trust me, I look much worse without my make-up. I think that guys like to see their girl without make-up because it's somewhat "intimate" and personal, and something that not everyone sees (provided you're wearing make-up on a regular basis). So really, don't worry too much. No guy who likes you will be bothered by your skin. Chances are he won't even see what you see since we tend to see things on ourselves as much worse than they actually are.


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