Does this mean anything: Being called cute vs gorgeous?

My boyfriend tells me I am cute and pretty often...never really beautiful and never once gorgeous. I've heard him refer to celebs or models as those things.

I don't if I am reading too far into those words or not, but it makes me think I don't live up to his standard of beauty or he's settling on my looks or not satisfied with completely with the way I look...?


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  • it's possible that means something, but don't let it bother you. if he doesn't see the beauty in you, then he's not worth your time. you being satisfied with your looks is really all that matters, and it's not fair to compare yourself to models and celebrities.


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  • Guys are sometimes (and girls too) get comfortable in a relationship. Just cause he doesn't say you're gorgeous doesn't mean he doesn't think so. When we're with one person for a while sometimes we stop complimenting them less and less. I'd ask him. Then you get you're true answer.

  • I wouldn't read into it too much.

    • I'm curious, why do you say that? Of course I want my boyfriend to think I'm gorgeous...

    • I'm sure he thinks you're gorgeous. Maybe you're so beautiful he has a hard time telling you. I don't know, but I personally wouldn't read into it.

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