This girl is hard to read.

There is girl in my school who acts like she likes me. she's super nice to me in person and Facebook. She said I'm her "favorite person" and she wants to sit by me in class. Does she like me or is just friendly.


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  • She sounds like a fake tard. Lets hope she`s not a fake tard and actually likes you. Are you a good student?

    • a good point

      I agree with you

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    • I do good in school, and she's always talking to me.

    • Its not a class where you could cheat if that's what you mean.. she helps me more than I help her.

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  • Those are certainly signs of potential interest. Ask her out and you'll know for sure. :-)

  • Its not enough to jugde that.. she could like you, but you'll never know at this rate.


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