Do people black out when they are on ecstasy?

and do they just hook up wiith anyone just because they are on e or could they tell the difference between good looking and not good looking? some explain the effects on e please


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  • You can still recognise that a girl isn't what you'd call hot. But you'd probably not give as much of a sh*t about looks.

    You feel an affection/love for pretty much everyone. And in that state, in the right frame of mind, you can find a connection with virtually anyone.


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  • ecstasy makes your body release more endorphins than you normally would. endorphins are are a natural high, when you do exercise or have sex it releases endorphins, which gives you a natural high. ecstasy is just a much stronger dose.

    It just gives you a sense of euphoria/happiness, it doesn't really make you look at girls you usually wouldn't find attractive but it makes you more confident about approaching anyone. it's a feel good drug.

    • Does it make you black out?

  • It's the closest you'll get to heaven... but the higher you get, the further you fall. It has a terrible "come-down" phase.


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  • Lol I don't know I spent most of the time throwing up. My friend did hook up with a gross looking girl (but he always does that haha)


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