Boyfriend wants me to dress up sometimes?

So my boyfriend suggested I should dress up sometimes for him but not ALL the time. He says he loves me and is not trying to change me but it would just be nice, that's all. Is this normal for guys?


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  • It's very normal. Guys are attracted to shiny things (ie. When a girl dresses up). Chances are, you used to dress up prior to dating your boyfriend. So why would these habits change? A girl shouldn't stop dressing up because she has found a boyfriend. It's likely that men will lose interest if their Girlfriend doesn't dress up every once in a while like she "used to". It's a completely legitimate request, in my opinion. I would expect the same. As should you expect him to look his best from time to time.

    • We actually JUST started dating! And we haven't gone to any special events or an actual movie date yet so I felt no need to dress up just yet. I do dress up for dates and events though but he thinks I don't and so I kind of feel like he has the need to change me? He says I'm overreacting but I don't know :/

    • he's right you are over reacting.

    • I think this would be an issue if you two had different ideas of dressing up. Like if you look good for a movie and he doesn't think so then he may indeed be trying to change you. Or he has a poor sense of style :P

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