Should I ask her out?

There is a girl that works at best buy that I really would like to ask out. My biggest concern is that it might be kind of creepy? I'd also take any advice as to how to ask her out.
Okay so here's what I'm wondering about now. Is it better to just approach her and ask her out to like coffee or something? Or would it be better to just ask her for her number? (i've never even done that before so I don't even know how lol). The other thing I'm kind of wondering, and I know this might seem lame. Here's my thinking though, she is at work, so she wouldn't get in trouble this, and it avoids an awkwardness, but what about dropping her a note? Is that just a awful idea?


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  • Should I ask her out? Go ahead

    My biggest concern is that it might be kind of creepy? Accept the fact that to some girls you will be creepy because you made them uncomfortable, unsettled, or feel unsafe. Just because you're creepy to her doesn't mean you are creepy.

    I'd also take any advice as to how to ask her out.

    If you have the looks then say hi, introduce yourself, and ask her out.

    You're most likely going for a younger/much younger girl so it's best to make small talk, show her you can provide stability each time you see her and show off your personality then ask her out that way she's not judging you based on attraction & physical appearance.


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  • Go ahead ask her out.

    What made you say "it might be kind of creepy"? Do you portray yourself as creepy guy? Or you come on too strong kind of creepy? Are you afraid she finds you creepy?

    You have to remember she might say yes or no, but you have to prepare for the rejection. You might find her attraction but she might not find you attraction. Make a small conversations such as, the shirt color really compliments her, she has a good taste in shoes/style, ... Remember start slowly and pay attention to her reactions. If she flirts back , that's your green light to pursue.

    Good luck.

    • Well I have on occasion come on to strong but mostly its because it's not like she's working at best buy to meet guys, so I was worried that just by being asked out by a customer might be creepy or strange.

  • just go up to here, and ask her.. :)... what the worst she can say NO... oh welll... :).. keep it movin..


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