He believes I'm too god for him. What kind of complaint is this?

I asked my boyfriend why don't we do any normal couple stuff like take silly pic's together and have a normal date with out his friends being in the middle of us. He believes I'm too good for him. His response "i feel uncomfy around you sometimes because you're too pretty" .? Awww great here he goes with his "She's Out Of My League " Phase! I know that is a compliant but what the heck does that mean for our relationship? I am still a person , I'm not a trophy girlfriend smh that's not my style. I don't do anything or try to make him feel uncomfortable. Either he's never been with a pretty girl or he just don't know how to handle a girlfriend (I may add that we have been dating for A year and 5 months ) I think its both. What do you think?


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  • Do you find this confusing as I do? No most men have insecurity issues and want a more attractive girl but get awkward around her.

    What do you think? He's a normal guy who went for a girl he finds more attractive than average and himself and all he regards you as is a pretty face thus he can't treat you like a human being


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