How to get rid of dark spots that look like freckles on my chest

GIRLS OR SKIN DOCTORS ONLY!I dnt have freckles anywhere else on my body and I'm not white so its not likely I should have it...its not on the sun exposed part but on the skin that my bra covers...i didn't have them when I was flat but as my boobs got bigger more dark spots appear...and I've never had acne there or stretch marks caz mine grow slow (it took 2yrs for it go from 32A to 34A !)


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  • I'm sure there are plenty of skin doctors perusing GAG. Why don't you go see your family doctor?

    • True but He's a guy and I'm almost 17 so I dnt think so

    • He's a doctor... he has probably seen thousands of female bodies. If you're that uncomfortable with a male doctor then find a new doctor or visit a walk-in clinic that has a female doctor on staff.

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