How do I know if he likes me?

So this guy whos a huge flirt is so cute! I want to go out with him but I don't know if he likes me or is just flirting with me like he is with everyone else. He's kinda geeky but a geeky cute. :/


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  • 1.) He notices you and flirts with you = at the very least he likes you as a friend.

    2.) The best way to tell if wants to be more than friends with you: He talks to you every time he sees you, ask questions about you when he's talking to you, and gives prolonged eye contact (biggest give away). ( I always do these things when I am talking to a girl that I want.)

    about #2; me or my guy friends would never do any of these things to a girl we find unattractive, mostly because we don't want her to think were interested in being more than friends.

    So basically when I see an unattractive girl approach or talk to me, I hardly look in her eyes, I don't ask questions about her, and I don't talk to her every time I would see her.

    So if this guy has the same personality as I do,(which most guys do), then he is yours for the taking!


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