Imagine you're in highschool, girls, whether you are or are not...

what makes a guy the best possible candidate for u? and knowing yourself how could a guy win you over fast. so basically I'm asking you for your weaknesses , like what do you knownull fall for in terms of physical attributes or personalitty style, ect


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  • I am in high school rn I know It says on my profile I'm 22 but I'm a liar lol .. And uhh I'll tell you exactly how it is :) Don't know if your going to even read this since its been 11 months but here we go:

    1. Physical Attractiveness

    I need to be sexually attracted to you so looks do count. Personality matters too I suppose but if your personality fails to make you more attractive then you got a big problem.

    You need to be at least decent in my eyes if 'hot' or 'goodlooking' every girl has a different opinion on what is attractive. Good hygiene and cologne will always helps a lot more then you think. So do ear piercings ;D

    2. Body

    We girls don't prefer our men to be very muscular. The guy can't be fat but he can't be a twig either especially since I'm slim. I like a guy with a toned body.. I don't care much for abs as long as you have a flat stomach. I'm very much more into arms.

    3. Personality

    It depends on the girl. Every girl has different tastes.I really don't know what kind of personality I go for as it differs every time :s Just be yourself, but don't try too hard. Make sure you focus on other things and not just on one girl. It's attractive to know a guy has a busy life but will always make time to talk to you.

    4. Behaviour

    You are being watched in high school whether its a random girl passing by you or a girl who finds you cute. It's attractive to see a guy I like smile and laugh a lot with friends. I don't find it attractive at all if I'm over hearing a convo of you talking sh*t about girls or guys, or your acting stupid or douchey.

    I hope this helps :)


What Guys Said 1

  • cool, sexy, athletic, and he can sex good

    • sex is for the slutz dude

    • eh that's an opinion... what if theyre married? and even if not people want to be satisfied in the company (sexually too) of their sig other... if you can never get off to your partner it shows that yall have issues

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