Cute Guy- Interested or Just Friendly?

So there I was, minding my own business while walking to the library at school when BAM!

The cute guy from the class I just came out of actually talks to me AND introduces himself. I'm already a little smitten by this stud, but there are a couple problems with this scenario...

The day we met and when he introduced himself to me, he said that he would be heading over to grab something to eat before going in with me to the library.

Which means he wouldn't be joining me in the library.

I consider this possibly a good thing, because he might possibly respect the fact that I have to study. We did have a huge exam the next week. Which brings me to my next problem. The exam we had was quite a fiasco, so I didn't sit with him the day after we met to avoid some added confusion (e.g. sitting in an unusual spot).

It has been about a week now since we've introduced ourselves and flirted a bit on that day, but I'm wondering if he might still be interested. Should I send him an e-mail apologizing for seeming rude, but offering to meet him before class? I just think he would be at least an interesting friend, if not attractive guy to get to know. Do you guys out there think I should just wait, or pursue? Curious.
So here's an update... I actually plucked-up the nerve to sit where he sits and talk to him. And... it worked! We actually ended-up going to eat after watching an online video. We enjoyed a nice time eating some sushi, and then I drove him to his class because it was slightly damp. Thank you guys, for the advice! It was definitely worth it to take it! :) He even read me some of a short story he was working on, which might mean that he feels comfortable with me. Thanks so much!


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  • hmm, your question makes me wonder if all girls think about guys THIS much when they are introduced. YEA, he digs you. If a guy doesn't like you, he makes it pretty obvious. I think the reason why he said he was grabbing something to eat before heading into the library with you is because he wanted you to come with him and he'd buy you something. did that cross your mind?

    I bet he's thinking the exact same thing about you. Don't appologize, that to me would make it seem that you 'look back' too much. Just move on. Forget the email, DONT communicate through email if you seriously like this guy. Persue him physically so therefore it won't just be a "email messaging" game and being shy to each other in real life.

    If I were you I'd sit next to him during class and ask him for some help with some homework (just to break the ice), then ask him if he was hungry before today's class just to give him a hard time. If he likes you, he'll carry the conversation further. If not, then consider him a acquaintance.

    • It doesn't mean he digs her, he could just be friendly, I introduce myself to a lot girls that am not interested in, it doesn't mean anything. I thought the same when it came to get something to eat because I ALWAYS do that since it works flawlessly, but in this case I don't think he did that. If you read it more carefully you'll see what I mean. It's too early too tell, I just don't want her to get false hope.

    • you have a really strong point. But I'd think that if he didn't like her he'd just say "excuse me" (for bumping into her) and moving onto whatever he was doing. It could be false hope, but it could be that he likes her too, who knows? I figure if he wasn't interested, he'd let her know.

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  • just go and start talking to him again, you already know each other so it's no biggie. Don't send an e-mail that's creepy.

  • congratulations he's almost definitely into you.


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