What do you think of a girl going blond?

A lot of times fake blond hair can look ...well, fake.

But I was blond as a child and now my hair is a shade between blond and brown. It's like in between dirty golden blond and very light brown. My skin is pale and my eyes are green.

Do you think it would look fake if I lightened my hair to a real shade of blond again, like the color I had when I was little?

Guys, what do you think of enhanced blond hair?

(Just an observation, a lot of women with light eyes and skin who are blond are naturally dirty blondeish and were blond as children, and now they enhance it and it looks natural. I've met women like this and thought the light color was their own)

If I changed my hair, what would look better? Going blond to the color I had when I was little, or going dark? I like my own color and probably wouldn't really dye it until I need to, but I've imagined being both a real blond and a real brunette since I am really in between the shades.


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  • Your preference, you can keep changing around. You should go forever whichever clolor is closest to your actual roots.

  • Why do YOU want to change the color of your hair? Would it make YOU happy?

    Regardless of whether you go blond or brunette, the people who know you will know that you colored your hair so either way, no one will be under the impression that it's natural.

    Bleach blond or brunette could look good - it's really hard to say. Going too dark could wash you out, and if you're not careful, bleach blond could come out with an orange tint.

    Talk to a hair stylist. He/she would be the best person to help you.

    Btw, most guys don't recognize the difference between dyed hair and natural hair (unless it's purple).


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