Top ten things that make a girl cute?

top things that make a girl cute? is it really looks or confidence? guys can be complicated creatures and I was stumped. please help!


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  • Guys are like girls except we want sex now and relationships later. That's speaking of my gender as a whole and not individual exceptions such as myself. What makes a girl cute is her appearance mixed with a dash of personality.

    • lolz. so... blond chic drummer with a crazed personality and genuine loving attitude , needs to be taken care of carefuly mabe?

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    • Haha! Good attitude to have :P

    • lolz. thnx. and if you think guys might be into me, then y I got no boyfriend for ova 3 years? jus because I don't wana get in bed with a guy? I believe that sex is for marrige.

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