Hair keratin treatment?

Anyone ever get their hair keratined? Opinions/experiences with it?


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  • I would say to be very careful with it. My salon stopped doing Keratin treatments a while ago. It was found that it had too much formaldehyde in it and it was causing liver damage /:

    I heard they now have formaldehyde-free treatments and I would definitely ask your salon about how much formaldehyde is in the products. As long as its safe I think its a wonderful thing, and a great alternative to japanese hair straightening or a relaxer.

    • My hairdresser said it is the formaldehyde-free kind. I mean you never know if anything is 100% safe. But this isn't the one that everyone was making the fuss over :)

    • oh okay its safe then (:

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  • Is that the stuff that makes it shine? I'm sure it comes from prawn shells, use it in hairspray?

    • It is a protein. I got the treatment done, it basically smooths, relaxes your hair but doesn't get rid of all the curl. It conditions it a lot and makes it softer and nicer and gets rid of the frizz and puffiness but still leaves a wave.

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  • Ive heard of it but I wouldn't do it. My super expensive smoothing spray does it for mee.. haha


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