Why do I attract the inappropriate men?

Do any of you get approached mostly by very old men (50+), mentally unstable people, or just plain creeps?

Why is it that those older and usually mentally abnormal people are somehow attracted to me?

Guys around my age rarely approach me, if I'm lucky maybe 2 or 3 will approach me in the school year.

I don't think I am pretty, but I am at least average looking. I do have very low self esteem.
Also, a few really old male college professors chat me up outside of class... I don't get it... I think I'll probably never get a decent guy around my age to approach me EVER. Or any guy that's below 30


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  • Yes! Some creepy homeless guy came up to me and scared me, I was waking in the street and you don't want to do that in LA. This happens and the other day I was checked out by some old guy, ewwww! I am average too, I give my self a 5 or by my scale of attraction a C (I go by A,B,C,D,F - weird but it is easy for me.)


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  • Older men are always looking for something fresh, that's the thing about college girls, we keep getting older and they stay the same.

    As for why you don't get a lot of guys your age, I don't know. I don't know what you look like so I can't say if your looks have anything to do with it and I don't know how you act so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

  • *hiding in bushes with binoculars, drooling*

    Hey there.

  • It might be because you send off the wrong signals to old creepy men

    • Like what kind ofn signals?

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    • Um, no of course not.

    • lol that sounds suspicious lol jk umm maybe they jsut think your easy or something

  • There will always be creeps. Especially creepy old men. Your best bet, is to just ignore and block.


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  • There's only one older guy that I can think of that has really creeped me out, and he was a friend of my parents! Honestly though, I don't get approached by guys my age anyway, so at least you get SOMEthing! Haha :-)


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