How do I get a guy to notice me more?

I want to make a guy think I'm pretty, or want to talk to me, o how can I do this?

I already wear leg-baring clothes, but how else?


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What Guys Said 1

  • smile. of course only do it when appropriate (ie not at funerals >_<)

    i got to say I can not resist a girl who has a killer smle

    • Smile at him or just with friends? I am in high school, so how can I get the guy to stop being shy and step up?

What Girls Said 1

  • umm, be careful about the leg-baring clothes.

    Its true guys like the skin but if you want the guy to talk to you, smile and laugh with ure friends alot.

    If you have any guy friends, usually they're going to be other guys with them tht you don't kno so you can make a good first impression by coming up to your friends with a nice smile and hug them hello.

    Usually guys will consider you a very approachable person tht way and then you can start joining in their "manly-man" convos XD

    - I had the same problem b4 because I'm Asian and people had the stereotype tht I studied all the time and had no life -.-''


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