What to do about this girl?

Okay, there's this cashier who always works at this mc donalds by my college, and she's very beautiful. She's very cute and has a lovely face. The problem is that 1) she's a cashier there and I really don't know how I would even begin striking things with her. I mean, after I order my usual mc chicken combo, should I start talking about the weather lol? 2) she's out of league, and when I say this I really mean it. I'm a 6 and she's an 8.5. She's a bit taller than I am, and probably a couple years older, not to forget how gorgeous she is. The likelihood that she even finds me remotely attractive is slim to none, but I really can't help who I'm attracted to haha. She's a really big fish, and the circumstances I'm in to actually get to know her aren't exactly easy...so I'm looking for some advice. Do you guys think I should even bother?


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  • hmm a mc chicken would be nice right now, you've made me hungry lol, anyway umm I'm not sure how it would go. I've never done something like that before to a cashier. The thing is you don't know if she has a boyfriend already etc. But if you work up the guts to do it you could do what the anon said and slip her a piece of paper with your number on it. She'l either call or she won't.

    • Haha, my bad! I had the combo last night, and it went down well. If only it came out just as easy :p

    • lol don't say that to her :P

  • The best think you can do is slip her a piece of paper with your number or something. Flirting with a cashier and getting anywhere (unless you're a 10 in her eyes) is not gonna happen.

    You're also shorter than her which weighs heavily on her impression of you. Girls like taller guys. And bitches, don't bother denying it. The blood is on your hands.

    In a non-homo way, you're not bad looking at all. So there's that. If you can talk a smooth game there's a chance you can get to know her (granted she calls you).

    • Hmm, that's definitely one option. I'm just not sure if that would come across as creepy or what not hah

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