I have small kind of Asian eyes, do girls like this?

Did you find not really Asian eyes more almond eyes on guys? Did girls don't mind my eyes got small you can't see it when I smile or laugh?
I mean did you find attractive Asian eyes on guy who is not asian?


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  • i don't think you have that much of small eyes but some girls like me like small eyes too ha ha I love it when they smile and you can't see their eyes lol it hapends to me too lol...see



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  • You remind me of Chris Rock, and no "Asian eyes" are totally fine. (:

    • How I look like chris rock I don't have weird hands! lol most people think I look like mike vick.

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    • Haha no not at all.. thanks for the compliment though, and meh hair color doesn't really matter to me.. but we all have preferences I guess. (:

    • Yea but if she is very sweet and attractive then I don't care any color as long chemistry is there. You are very welcome well you can be model. Some people think I can model I say no way model for sissy lol I'm just kidding

  • i think a hot guy is a hot guy regardless of one feature


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