Girls, help me snag this boy!

I want to look ULTRA hot tomorrow in class with him! I plan to straighten my hair and put makeup on and stuff, but tips on a cute outfit?

I was dejected this past week because of his recent rejection, but FTW, I want him to know what he'll be missing out on..or to at least do a double-take when he sees me (;



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  • 1. Definitely talk to other boys if you can, but especially one that might feel like he has competition with.

    2. most def show some skin, make him drool over you

    3. Something that girls do that makes me go crazy is when they put their pen/pencil on their lips when they seem to be thinking and paying attention in class, best example I could find link

    • Thank you! You were so helpful (:

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  • I don't know if he's going to take you back that fast after he just recently rejected you.

  • dont dress too slutty. then he will just call you a slut. but def show off your body... if you have a good one


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