Girls, do you mind some chest hair in your man?

My boyfriend is planing to get rid of his back and chest hair permanently (he doesn't have much) and to me he looks hot, but he is doing it anyway :(

Any thoughts in how to make him change his mind?


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  • Well I, for one, don't like body hair. But as for your question, remember that it's his body and not yours. If he doesn't like his chest hair he should be allowed to get rid of it. My last boyfriend and I had that kind of reasoning... I didn't object when he wanted to grow facial hair, and he didn't object when I decided to donate my hair.

    Although, you can mention to him that you like his body hair. Could he possibly be wanting to do this because he thinks you want him to?

  • his choice doesn't matter if you think he's hot or not.

    Personally, I would LOVE it if a guy got rid of all his body hair, nice. (Tho guy I like doesn't really have any on his stomach , back or chest. HOT. ;-)


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