I cannot pick clothes that I like, advice?

Like, I'm being conscious on what clothes or stuffs that I would pick and then there's something that pops in my mind, "Hey, that's not trendy, or that's ugly.. or you're not good in fashion.. or negative stuffs" ... I know I should avoid it but it keeps poppin on my mind..
i think its bec of my mom..when I asked her if this clothes that I pick is nice, she tells me, no that's not pretty/trendy... so I got conscious.
Thanks ! :)


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  • ask someone (or a couple people) to come along and give you another opinion.


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  • What I like to do is look around the store and see what they are wearing.

    If you like it then buy something similar. I would copy them exactly but try and add your own flare and ask someone who has similar tastes in clothes. Not exact same but similar enough to give a different opinion then everyone else


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  • 1.don't shop with your mother!

    2.go through some fashion blogs,and magazines,and don't only look at newer things-retro is always awesome,and clothes become ''vintage'' after about 7 years

    3.don't worry too much about trends-focus on developing your own style


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