Are there any must have products that you swear by?

Are there any products that you use everyday that's a must have? It can be a hair product, make up product, acne product, anything. I'm just curious because I'm really into trying out new products epecially the ones for the face. I'm also looking for something that lightens or hides dark circles and something that makes hair stronger. Any suggestions? I figure not many people ask this question so it would be something different. Also this questionns applies to men too. Feel free...thanks.


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  • studio remix styling paste

    • cool. I'm assuming these are products made for men? Or both genders? Either way I'll check it out. Thanks.

    • It's hairgel. So more used by men.

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  • the only thing I swear by, which is also the only thing I use - stargazer hair dye. I've used it to dye mine and other people's hair for 5 years now, it hasn't failed me once.

    • Is it only made for really vibrant colors?

    • normally yes but if you're clever like me you can mix them to make them not so vibrant/light.

  • Yeah it's BRUT deodorant. I've been using it for about 4 years, it's perfect not too casual, or elegant


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  • Products I swear by:

    -Clarisonic Classic. It's amazing, works well and has overall improved the condition of my skin

    -Extra Virgin Coconut Oil/Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Sweet Almond Oil. I use them on my hair as leave in conditioners and it's made my hair shinier & less porous

    -Dabur Amla Oil by Vatika. AMAZING for hair

    -Purpose Facial Cleanser. Very gentle and non drying.

    -ApHogee 2 minute Keratin Reconstructor. Great protein conditioner

    • Great! These sound like awesome products. Will definitely look these up. :)

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