What's feel like to be really beautiful?

I was just wondering what it feels like to be totally gorgeous and aware/owning your attractiveness.

For instance if you are like a model how does that effect how you act and think about yourself?


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  • Many people will stare at you regardless of wherever you go. You get maximum chivalry from the opposite gender. Most people will want to be friends with you. Most people will be happy around you.

    If you are a gorgeous girl, you can get away with speeding tickets while driving. You will be taken for granted. If while driving you happen to bump someone's car, that guy will never create a scene around you and start fighting with you.

    Most people will give you place to sit in trains and buses.

    However, beauty is no big deal because you look like your parents and you cannot have control over how you look. You just don't have to do anything. It is like you are born in a silver spoon and everything around you is always in your favour. You can at the most look better but you cannot change your appearance radically.


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