What makes a girl... a ) pretty b) hot c) cute d) beautiful?

The question above says it all lol ^

Yeah, what does make a girl all of the above.

I'm not asking for what they mea (definitions), but what actually makes someone the above...

Guys and girls, spill it all out! XD

Just out of interest :D

What makes a girl... a ) pretty b) hot c) cute d) beautiful?


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  • pretty and cute are very similar for me : generally it's more of an innocent girl next door look. Small frame, baby-like facial features (big cheeks, big lips etc)

    A hot girl has more sexual features. Long legs, big boobs, round butt, etc.

    A beautiful girl has the total package.

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    • I agree with him. But. Beautiful to me. Is someone whose FACE is something you can't look away from! And she has such a great personality you can't imagine not talking to her in class. Aka me. lol jk

    • If she has a gorgeous face but not an attractive body, she's not beautiful in my book.

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