I can't tell what he wants...Guys, help please?

well he is a 7th grader and I am a 10th grader. we know each other because we ride the same bus since he lives right down the street from me. we have been riding the bus together since August 23,2011.(the second day of school) he usually ignored me for the first couple of weeks but then he started talking to me and being my friend I guess. well this past week he has even started sitting with me on the bus. On Monday, he gets on the bus and sits with me. I get on the phone and get into a fight with my boyfriend and we break up. this 7th grader,mykal, smiles at me and asks me ''who's the best looking guy on this bus?'' I said ''well out of the guys left on the bus,you are'' he smiles again then asks me to rate his looks on a scale of 1-10. I give him a 7.then he asks me if I want to go to the back of the bus. I ask him why. he says to talk. I say about what.he says just come with me.i say OK and follow him to the back of the bus. he sits in the seat across the aisle from me in the back and tells me to slide over he wants to sit next to me. so I slide overe and he sits next to me. then he asks me if I've ever kissed a guy. I say yes. he asks ''anyone like me'' I ask him what do you mean. he says well I'm so good looking. I said yea you kinda are. he asks me so have you ever kissed someone like that. I said no he said do you want to. I said I don't know maybe. he says me and u. I said what about us. he said do you think we should kiss. I said really? he said yea. so our lips meet for a grief second and then he puts his arm around my shoulder so I put my head on his shoulder. then he takes my hand and wants to me to ''grab'' him if you know what I mean. I take my hand back. he whispers and talks kinda seductive''what you don't wanna feel it'' I say no. so he lets my hand go. then I thought he wanted to kiss again when his brother shouted''awwwwwwww look at them'' so mykal took his arm off me and we both looked up. then everyone on the bus was like ''awwwww look at them they are going out now.'' me and mykal were like no were not. then Tuesday he isn't on the bus. Wednesday I'm not on the bus. then thurday he like ignores me exceptfor like 5 min when he comes over and asks me what I'm doing I say nothing and then he asks me for a piece of gum so I give him a pieve. then Friday he again ignores me except right when he asks me for a peice of gum again and then he says he needs to pee really bad and messes with his zipper...thats when he looks up at me and hints for me to touch it. I shake my head no and then we get to his stop. he gets his stuff and walks to the back of the bus and he thought he forgot something back there. then when he walks back up to the front of the bus he raches and tries to touch my boob so I slap his arm.

im just really confused...what does he want from me? does he want to be with me just not tell me? or does he just wanna mess with me? guys please help I've been bothered by this all weekend. I mean I think I kinda like him back,


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  • Is this a story or real? How old is he and you?

    • its real...hes in 7th grade so I'm guessing about 11 or 12 possibly 13...i am 15 and in 10th grade

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    • Great. Enjoy the company :)

    • yea everything went perfect

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  • lol he wants to f*** ha idnt think its gunna be a meaningful relationship. So either hit it and quit or just forget him. He seems to be moving too fast to have feelings for you.

    • i was kinda thinking that

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    • There you go.

    • yeah he met my mom yesterday

  • Aww, 12 year olds got game.

    You, missy, need to find someone older.

    • yeah I know I do I just didn't know what he was trying to say

    • i found a 16 year old boy to be my boyfriend

  • he is flirting

    he might want to f*** you soon

    • how do I keep him flirting with me but lay off the s**

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