Red hair color or what other color would go nice?

im thinking to die my hair I want maybe like a bright red or should I just die it a brownish?or black I die my hair a lot lol but now its time for a change. I just want opinons thanks =)


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  • Hmm. Auburn red would look sexier in my opinion. That's definitely a darker red.

    This color would also look nice link

    The best color would be the one you currently have, but you insist on change so there ya go!

    • hmmm that's a good color... and yes I want to change it because I curently have brown black green and blue I look like a peacocke lol

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    • lol I didn't try to but every time I die my weave it lookes difrent every day lol it changes colors by each wash

    • My niece had that same color combo on her hair(instead of green it was bluish) and it didn't look all that bad. But yeah a lot of people suggest Auburn/Dark red so... looking forward to it!

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  • Auburn maybe? you can do it kind of reddish but it still looks natural in case you want to be able to pull off a more conservative look from time to time. Plus, I just personally think auburn looks nice.


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  • Have you ever eaten a red velvet cupcake or just the cake? Yum! ^_^

    Anyways, my point is, you should dye it that color. Nothing too extreme for job interviews or too boring for your personal tastes. A good medium.

    • Google Ariana Grande to get a visual.

    • ohh yes those are really good lol. OK ill get that cake and put it all over my hair first just to see how it looks lol. jk. but hmm that's a good color...

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