What makes black men so attractive in your opinion?

This is a question for all of the ladies on the Girls Ask Guys website. What makes black men so attractive to you women that like them? I find this question very interesting and I am sure that I will find even the answers and responses even more interesting. Any and all answers will be appreciated and valued. Thanks and have fun answering this question!
Hmm. These are all great answers! Please keep them coming! Very much appreciated.


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  • Their strong, lean, and muscular bodies. Although it's very rare that I will find a black guy attractive. He has to have the looks AND the personality (not ghetto).

  • Because they're born with a six pack.

  • Do NOT downvote me for my opinion.

    I do not find black men attractive at all. I have never, ever been attracted to the typical African features. It's the same way I haven't ever been attracted to Asian features. It has nothing to do with racism, but simple biology.

    I will say that, in theory, dark, luscious ebony skin is a turn on. I've just never been attracted to it in real life.

    • why "in theory"? ...is it supposed to be good looking?

    • There's just something about the way it's worded that turns me on

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