Looking for a new identity, tell me something interesting to try out?

Well , I'm basically bored of the way I am . I want to shake things up . Could you all suggest something ? Maybe I need to get a new hairstyle ? Or a new sense of style ?...Or maybe I need to develop an "Edge" about me ! What do you guys think would be a good way to stand out ?


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  • A new haircut ftw ;)


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  • This is one of the most intelligent questions I've seen from a guy on here. Identity is THE most important part to being a man and attracting girls. Basically, do all of the things you mentioned. Changed things up, get some new clothes, new hair, work out, go pick up some new outdoor adventures. For example, I started up paddleboarding this past summer. It was an awesome addition to my identity and I met a ton of new people through it.


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