Why is it consider almost a crime for someone to look at a female, while for others not?

what I mean is

some guys ,while passing females down the street, get good looks when they smile or look at a women for one second, then you have other guys who do the same and they get the nasty look back like they did something wrong lol while studs get little a smile or maybe a nod.

like did ever have girl looking like going roast you or smack you just looking at for one second.


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  • Honestly, I am uncomfortable with certain people checking me out. I consider myself a respectable and intelligent young lady- and I would love to attract a man around my age or 10 or so years older. I would like him to dress nicely, and looks directed.

    But, a lot of times I catch men who have daughters my age checking me out, or men checking me out while they are with their wives. It's completely disrespectful and makes me wonder what I am doing wrong, or why someone so geriatric would be checking out a girl my age. Also, I dislike it when greaseballs check me out, it's horrible.

    So, yeah, I get angry when certain types/ages look at me.


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  • Women are not objects. We have moods and feelings just like men. You may catch a women one day and she would love it if you check her out. The next time she might not at all. Perhaps she is feeling down or has her period and feels fat. So you see there are very simple explanations for this stuff. And they say women are complicated! Sheesh :D

  • If I'm attracted to them and they're noticing me great ,if I'm not and they're creepy looking I might be a little disgusted.

    • you should be a little more fear and treat man equal as all bleed red

    • If I'm not attracted to you no good will come from pretending I am, when it comes to love&attraction it doesn't matter what color anyone bleeds.

    • just don't have nasty look

  • They can't handle people like you Stud.

    • funny

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    • So what's after model..?

      and @ not mans type ha ha that's pretty funny :D

      I might just copy this chart down btw

    • the last perfection

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  • Well, if that's you in your picture... I think the answer to your question is self-evident.

    • whats the insides joke ? I look look diffrent but only because I'm a different country lol

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