How do I stop my hair from falling out? HELPP!! D:

I've noticed my hair falling out a lot over the past few months, and it's becoming noticeably thinner (not to others, but I do believe it will get to that point over time). It's freaking me out because I'm only 16. My hair has been shedding for years, but not this dramatically. For example, when I comb my hair after a shower, an average of 20 strands of hair will be found on my comb, and possibly more have fallen onto the floor.

Here are some habits of mine you may want to take into account:

I straighten/heat style my hair a few times a week. I use a heat protectant religiously.

I am currently using garnier triple nutrition shampoo/ conditioner, but will use head and shoulders about once a week for a deeper cleanse.

I deep condition my hair with pantene's beautiful lengths restore treatment.

I never brush my hair when it's wet. I use a wide-toothed comb instead. Other than that I only brush it up to twice a day.

My hair is trimmed from every 6-12 weeks (I realize it's a big range... but yeah :P )

Other than the heat protectant, I rarely use any other styling products in my hair.

So, if you have any advice, please let me know!


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  • Are you taking any medications? Have you been tested for iron deficiencies? My hair falls out when my iron levels get too low.

    • I was on accutane for a few months starting about a year ago. I have not been tested for iron deficiencies.

    • Ahh, don't worry then, I was on accutane too, and it made my hair fall out also. It take a while for it to start filling in again, and it depends on the person. It's been a year and a half for me, and my hair is just starting to fill in again. I would go to the doctor too, just to make sure you don't have any vitamin deficiencies.

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  • my hairs falling out as well. I'm letting it fall out.I'm not worrying about it

    • Good for you... but I would be very sad if I was bald by the time I'm 20 D:

    • i started losing mine when I was 25

    • well that sounds pretty common so you're good :P

  • A wig


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  • go to the doc there is a rare disease that causes your hair to fall out in large amounts sorry

    • I have mentioned it to my dermatologist back in February, but he kind of just waved it off... Do you think I should try asking him again?

    • try and go to a regular doc to. that's crazy I would be worried too.

  • You know, my hair falls out way more than that, and it is fine. unless it starts to become a real issue, just don't worry. maybe try eating more protein, but I think it is normal, because I go through periods of time where I loose a lot of hair, but then I will go to for a while and not really loose any. It probably has something to do with hormones and such. If you start getting thin patches on your head, then get checked out, but that really doesn't seem like a big problem now.


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