What type build of a guy do girls really like I need your opinions girls?

right I'm a heavy built lad and I never seem to find a girl I like is their something you girls have against bigger strong lads like me I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and can't seem 2 find a girl that I like the wrong types like me but I don't like me any answers to this ? PS I always get told that I have a body builders build does that put girls or because I don't have muscles flexing all over my body ?


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  • I really love guys who are taller that me (I'm 5'4) and I just love guys who are stocky more so then guys who are super muscular but both are great and turns me on so much! Not sure about other girls but I think it's just the feeling of being dominated and feeling protected with a partner who is bigger and stronger than you physically, if girls don't appreciate you it's their loss!


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  • One thing I've found over the years, buff isn't always best. I used to use steroids all the time, the bigger the better, now I've realized I just looked stupid, too big (used to be about 18st, around 16 now, still quite stocky, not massive though)

    • im jus over 17 do you no what I could do 2 get smaller and toned ?

    • Cardio mate, loads of it. Bike rides, SWIMMING, stair machines etc. You on any suppliments, protein etc? Message me if you have any quieries, I know what I'm on about, been training since I was a pup :)

    • nope no suppliments jus eat lean meats 4 protein but I do the bike in the gym and I can notice changes :)

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