High school guy dying his hair black?

OK, so I have been wanting to dye my hair black for over a year now. I personally think it will look good. I'm not asking for opinion on how you think it would look, because simply put, I couldn't care less. I have a few questions.

First, about my hair...

I am wanting to dye my hair black, but my hair is currently blond.

It is very thick, but I have it layered well, so it looks OK.

I straighten my hair each day (again, I'm not looking for criticism)

Now the questions.

1.OK so I am a guy in high school. I am wondering, how will people react if on a Friday, I walked into school with my normal blond hair that I have had forever, and the next Monday, I walked in with my hair totally dyed black. How would you react, or would you react at all. If it would freak you out, how would you like transition to black hair.

2. For anyone who dyes their hair black, especially natural blonds, what dye do you use. How often do you have to touch up roots, and how expensive is the dye.

I promise that if you help answer this question as best as you can, I will give you best answer.

For anyone wondering, yes I am going for the "Scene" look. I Don't want to hear any bullsh*t about guys dying or straightening their hair. Thanks.


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  • I used to dye my hair black a lot. I say if you want to do it, go for it- but make sure you dye your eyebrows black too!

    Why do you care how people react? Black hair is the best hair color and if you like it, don't worry about what they think- because you're doing this for yourself not for a reaction.

    I used to be a manic panic enthusiast. I like it because it washes out in 2 weeks to a month and there is a lot in the jar. The downside is that is can get messy! So make sure you are not wearing a shirt you like when you sleep!

    And touching up roots as far as color goes- I dyed my hair every couple of months, but my hair is naturally brown. So, probably you'd have to just redye it every month or so.

    • Thanks a ton! I was actually wondering about the eye brow thing. And I agree with the black hair being the best. Everyone tells me I'm lucky to have blond hair, but I hate it. But with the hair dye, I don't want it to wash out, but thanks a lot for the help. You get best answer, because you gave good advice and I want to get you more Xper points to level 3.

    • I had blond hair once, but black hair is much better. If you don't want to wash it out, there are a lot of other dyes you could try- Garnier has pretty good black dye and it doesn't make the hair all shiny and fake looking. It'll give you a more natural look. :D

      Best of luck!

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  • Here's my observation: I don't think anyone should die their hair jet black. Especially blondes. I would suggest dying it a brown so it's not an entirely huge change but still looks good :) Then maybe after you have grown into the brown, you can then transition to black.

  • 1) I would probably think holy sh*t is that him then if it looks good say hey nice change :)

    2) I'd use this: link its good for first time dyers. it also has a post color shampoo and conditioner which will help with the way it feels after :) root touch ups depend on how fast your hair will grow, and depending on how much root showing you're able to stand, I'd say around 6-8 weeks. also the link for the dye is $8.

    • oh wow thanks. I thought hair dye would be a lot more expensive then under ten dollars. I thought it would be at least 20 lol. Ok, along with the black hair that I want, I already dress "emo", so I already freak a lot of people out. so yea. I just want to dye it black and complete the look

  • Wasn't gonna give you bull anyway, my boyfriend had red hair and dyed it black, plus he straightens it ha ha, ummm I guess it was a shock to me but that's because we looked like brother and sister :/ (both have green eyes and now black hair, it's creepy) but everyone else either didn't care or said how good it looked :) so you should be fine, oh and he used my dye (manic panic) he tried the guy one and it made his hair cherry red apparently. The touch ups depend on your hair type so that's a thing. Don't worry about what people think, me and my boyfriend are the only people in school with unnatural hair and no one gives us sh*t so just do what you want :)


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  • I doubt anyone would find it weird in high school, it isn't some abnormal color like green or red.

    I dyed my hair red :D Though I went to professionals for it. :|

    • Yea, but I have very light blond hair, and I will dye my hair as dark and black as possible.

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    • Not exactly fiery, cause I had (and have) dark brown hair. More like, blood red.

      Yeah, they found it amusing for little time but then again, I'm awesome and I was proud of it. Still am. :D

    • even still blood red is kind of what I meant. that would be so sweet. I give you credit for being brave to dye your hair such a bold color.

  • I used to dye my hair a lot when I was younger, blond, ginger, blue, green (my hair's very dark brown, black) and just grew out of it.

    I used to love the idea of blond hair just because it was so different to my natural color (probably the same reason you have) but the hassle, damage and clearly unnatural look of it contributed to me leaving it

    Best advice I can give is WATCH YOUR EARS, NECK AND FORHEAD... dye stains the skin for a few days and it ain't getting any bolder than black. Get your mum, a friend to do it for you. Believe me you'll be pissed off when the tops of your ears are black :)

    • haha thanks, but I'm not really worried about that. I would probably just get it done professionally. I know black is very a bold color, but I think it would look good. Tons of people say blond would look better, but I'm just bored of it. I have had it all my life, and I want to change things up.

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