What did she mean by "but you have a beautiful personality"?

OK girls, I was talking to a female coworker who I am friends with. We were discussing this guy she knows who is extremely handsome but doesn't realize it. I said I'm kinda the same way, that I am confident in myself, but when someone says "your beautiful" etc I usually think it's out of politeness. Her reply was "but you have a beautiful personality". What do you think she meant by that? I couldn't tell if she was trying to say, well you make up for your looks in your personality or she meant in addition to or whatever. How would you take her statement?


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  • I think she meant it addition to your looks that you have a beautiful personality. A person's personality in general is what contributes to a person looks, because the personality is from the inside and how a person is on the inside is what makes a person even more beautiful.


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