How to get a girl that already has a boyfriend?

So I'm in grad school, and I've recently meet and totally fallen for an amazing girl (another first year grad student). She is absolutely incredible. We have TONS in common, and for the first time in a long time I actually like her for more than just her looks. We workout together, run, go to church, go to bars, but she is currently in a rather new long distance relationship. We are always flirting (touching, crazy eye-contact, all the usual). I have never felt a connection like this. I don't want to be too pushy. She is a very nice girl. Guys and girls any advice on how to land what could be my dream girl?


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  • when you've found out, let me know. I fall for a man who has a girlfriend. We flirt, touch, have numerous eyes contacts, etc. But, I respect myself- not to come between them, I respect him (wanting) to be with her.

    It's a good thing you're two are friends, stay that way until she's free to date you. YOu don't want to be the cause of their break-up, do you?

    • EXACTLY. I just don't want to wait forever either! ha ha So frustrating. Plus its hard to have feelings for someone else when you really like someone.

    • may I suggest to continue living your life and get to know other people while you wait; be patient for good things come to those who waits. If you two destined to be a couple, you will eventually. If you really care for her and like her that much, just continue be her good friend and be supportive of her decisions...

  • You can't get her if she has a boyfriend. Wait for her to break up with him.

    • Even if the connection is solidly there? I'm just hopping if I keep hanging around her she will realize it and break up with him for me.

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    • I think you need to wait, she'll have a greater respect for you as a man if you do that. And, while she's dating, pretend you care. And hey she sounds like she's amazing, so even if you catch her on the "rebound" you still could have a great relationship!

    • I hear ya, I think that is legit advice.

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  • If she has a boyfriend (long distance or otherwise), she's not available. I would move on.


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