What do you (girl) look for when looking for a sex partner?

ok so well I am trying to make it more detailed. I just need to know what do you guys look for when you want to find some one to have sex with? oh and is it true that if a man asks for something like a man he will get it? like if he says it with power and confidence.


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  • a guy that has a big cock and can fuck me good

  • No, it's not necessarily true that if he asked for it "like a man", that he will get it. It's easy to act like a man. It takes hard work to actually be a man.

    Personally, I look for someone that makes me comfortable. In my case, I'm a shy person, so I don't go around revealing myself to others easily. I'm very self-concious, and don't trust people. The guy I got involved with knew this. He took the time to get to know me before we pursued our sexual relationship. Even after we got deep into our relationship, we still put my feelings and emotions before his pleasures

    THAT is why I slept with him; because he was selfless and willing to compromise.


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