What is a girl looking for in a guy that would be her Mr. Perfect?

I want ansewers from all age levels. Does your vision of what you want in a guy change over time? What would he be like and why do you want him to be this way?


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  • Well my Mr. Perfect isn't perfect at all. I'm happy with a very imperfect guy. He's not ripped or in perfect shape. He's not a huge sports fan. He's not romantic at all. He doesn't think ahead. But he has a smile that lights up his entire face. He cares about how he looks and takes care of what he has. He always knows what to say to make me smile, even when I'm ticked at him or sad. He might not think ahead but he's predictable. He shows me that he trusts me by showing me his emotions. I'm book smart, he's street smart. I'm optimistic, he's realistic. He's more independent than I am. He's wild in the sense that he'll try anything, but yet I'll say anything. He doesn't let things get to him but I let everything bother me. (I'm the worrier!)

    He's my complete opposite. I never thought I would be with someone like him. Everyone sees me as perfect. You know -- I follow the rules and live the life of what's expected. He's not a rule follower at all and it's safe to say, I have turned into a different person. Not a bad person, but I'm no longer so set in my perfect ways.

    I know things will change and one day my idea of Mr. Perfect will be completely different (more than likely) but that's what it is for now!


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