What do I need to do to attract more quality women?

I have been struggling the past few years on getting a woman to be interested in me and staying with me. I believe I spoil them too much or I am always there for them.. is this true? are women wanting a guy who neglects them or isn't there for them... because recently I have been dating a woman who have been there no matter what for 11 months and she left for another man...dont hold back both men and women.. thanks..


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  • are you desperate or you looking for quality? Because when you say "getting a woman to be interested" it sounds needy. Women want what we want. You can't really 'make' us be interested. Different women have different tastes and/or priorities. Figure out yours, and be the chooser not the chosen.

    • well I am just trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.. because I was dating a woman for almost a year and I thought I did everything right.. treated her real great.. whenever she needed me I was there.. I spoiled her.. maybe what I did was wrong..

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    • well what I mean by spoiled her by is being there for her instead of paying attention to other women.. buying her things that other men never did (ie tiffany jewelry, etc).. when she needed me I was there in a moments notice. I just wanted to show her how special she is.. and I guess that did not work on her.. what else did I need to do..

    • Here's the thing, some women can have a guy or numerous guys buy them anything they want. It doesn't matter what you buy her or how much it cost. Maybe she settles one day for the guy who can buy her the most things... but most women I know need to be cared for in a different way. They need a man that inspires them. you cared for her, nothing you did was wrong. You have a big heart, just be careful about who you trust with it. She lost a good guy. her lost, move on.

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