Girls - Are flat butts and slender legs unattractive?

Girls, do you such traits in men unattractive or turn off?


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  • Flat butts and slender legs are not attractive to me, my butt isn't flat and my legs are a little thicker.

    • Oh - I meant, flat butts and unathletic, slender, no-fat leg ON GUYS. With girls, its a lot different. :)

    • No, I was saying. Since I'm not skinny, I don't like skinny guys.

    • Oh - OK. Hmmm. I guess that makes sense. But what if you were not viewing a passing guy as year mate but just looking bec he looked cool by face?

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  • I don't see that as a turn off at all.

    • Do you check them out on passing men. Just like we guys check girls out? If you like a guys face do year eyes follow to his behind and/or legs?

    • well I don't check guys out like that, but I do check guys out in different ways when single

  • not a turn off.

    • Oh, OK. I had heard long time back that girls look for a "filled up" butt in guys. So I was thinking what if they don't have any stuff in their butt. :))

    • that's preferences. to me, it doesn't matter much.

    • Fair enough.

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