Why are nicely dressed girls overlooked?

I've been noticing for a while now that a good number of guys who swear up and down that girls who are well-dressed should not be approached because they are most likely really stuck-up. I think that's pretty lazy assumption. That's like me assuming that all hot guys are a**holes (which they aren't). They are some nicely dressed girls out there with substance. Girls who are smart, funny and sweet. From my view, I dress nice because of the inner peace it gives me. It makes me feel like I can take on whatever happens that day. I don't walk around feeling that I'm god's gift to men or anything like that. I just think I look nice. I think this sort of girl should be given a benefit of a doubt.


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  • Well-dressed girls are harder to approach, you feel they have higher standards, your odds are worse, they probably have a boyfriend... manner of dress says a lot. Some girls dress decent but relaxed, and they seem approachable.

    And yeah, getting rejected hurts, hence why girls usually want guys to do all the approaching, haha.


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  • It may not be a given, but there's a helluva lot greater chance that the well-dressed girls are gonna be high maintenance than the girls who wear sweatpants and a hoodie to class. While it may give you inner peace to dress up, it gives us guys inner peace knowing the girl we're trying to date can be someone who we can just chill with and isn't gonna expect us to buy her a crap load of stuff all the time.

    • I don't expect to me a crap load of stuff. I don't expect much beyond the bare minimum; respect and affection. The way I look at it is, if I can afford to dress this way before I met him, chances are, I afford to continue dressing that way. I don't need or expect him to contribute to that.

    • I'm not talking about YOU specifically. I'm just telling you that, most of the time, a girl is way less likely to be down-to-earth if she dresses up a lot (which oftentimes can mean she's a well off fashionista) than a girl who doesn't. Its nice to have good, hard evidence of that rather than having to take a 50/50 shot in the dark. Its the exact same reason why some women avoid men who act like they COULD be players, in favor of ones who don't. They just wanna be sure about it.

    • But even with the girl that looks safe, there's still that "50/50 shot in the dark". :/

  • a lot of guys probably think she looks high maintenance or too good for them

  • yep. what andy said. I totally agree with.

    and yet- I don't think I would ever date a girl that was really skanky or easy. but that may just be me.


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  • There are more trashy people in the world than classy. Water seeks its own level -- find a classy guy and you'll be fine.


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