Do dark and thick eyebrows make a guy look nerdy?

I have long and thick eyebrows, not wussy brows like most guys have. I don't know why, but I think it has long been associated that nerds have big eyebrows and glasses. Am I right? They look nerdy?


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  • NOT AT ALL, fat eyebrows brings to mind neanderthals, and they are not associated with intelligence in my mind, however I think it's recently thought that neanderthals were a lot more intelligent than we have given them credit for in the past.

    • I have thick eyebrows but people think I'm smart lol

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    • Maybe it's just the dark ones that really show up.

    • well, that dude that plays new Spock, he has fat eye brows, they reshaped them but the bone is still clearly thick, and that makes the new Spock look like a moron to me, so I dunno.

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  • WHAT? NERDY? Are you joking? Thick eyebrows on a man is sexy. My guy has nice thick eyebrows, but theyre very light. I doubt your eyebrows make you look nerdy.

  • Not at all, my boyfriend is the same way. I think it's hot:P

  • Only when they touch


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