What do you think of guys not wearing any underwear?

Ive gotten into the routine of not wearing underwear. I'm currently at home, few months ago got out of the final year at college/ sixth form. I usually wear loose jeans.. or just jeans, shorts or even PE shorts because I'm usually round the house, but, when I go out I will not wear anything underneath my jeans, being that its a lot cooler.

What are your opinions/ thoughts on this? I mean I'm also asking for hygiene purposes, how long I should wear say shorts or jeans for, before I should change.

Thanks for your answers.


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  • Heh. My high school boyfriend went commando for a couple of years when we first started dating. I think it was because he was embarrassed that all he owned were tighty-whities (his mom still bought his underwear), and he thought I'd think they were dorky. I didn't really care either way.

    As far as hygiene goes, however, you should probably wash your shorts/jeans as often as you would normally wash your underwear.

    • he was embarrassed that all he owned were tighty-whities (his mom still bought his underwear


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    • lol I am aware. Hence why I asked how often I should change.

    • Well, I think most people change their underwear every day for that reason, so that's why I suggested the same for pants, if you're not wearing underwear.

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  • It doesn't bother me at all, as long as his pants fit normally, like if your pants are those skinny jeans that show half youass, please wear underwear, lol when I'm at home and I'm in baggy sweats or baggy pj's I don't usually wear any : )

    • lol no no... last thing I want to do is expose myself! ... Although. I have only had one pair of jeans clean latley :S ... their baggy, which is annoying but like, comfy, but the zips broken! And because their baggy they sometimes sag and like widens the zip hole :S which can cause major problems. But no... found a solution, rolled up the rim. But yeah I know what you mean. Cute :)

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    • lol... more like.. 'hey dude... theirs something IN YOUR FLY!''

    • LMFAO yes exactly LOL

  • i feel like you need to wearunder especially on a date or just when your with a girl in general because if she finds out your not the only thing she is gonna think is that you went in planning to get laid WHICH GIRLS HATE

    • she has a point just make it seems like you are wait for action

    • But... the major majority of my life I'm 'not on a date' lol ?

  • Hmm there are some guys that do it. Though it is a bit strange, I guess it's OK, as long as nothing shows through, just as if you were wearing underwear.

    • lol why would anything show through? And why would I desire that outcome anywhom ? :S

    • Haha no reason really, and lines could show perhaps. Underwear help conceal the male beast lol.

  • In my opinion who cares... :P It isn't gonna kill you to not. Isn't like people are gonna walk down the street and say "hey, that guy isn't wearing anything under his jeans, let's judge him". :P

    • Hmmm... but that's how I think :P ... I like to be understood or not judged by the majority -__- very self conscious. But ofcourse you make a valid point :P

    • haha I just meant people aren't gonna notice just from looking at you. So you don't have to worry about being judged.

    • lol very true. Well thank you for your opinion :)

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  • If I'd go on a date with a girl and I notice somehow she isn't wearing any I wouldn't like it, If my girlfriend would wear none while going outdoors, I wouldn't like it, if she wouldn't wear any on a lazy Sunday I wouldn't mind.

    I always wear it myself, makes me feel more comfortable and hygenic. I always wear clean ones each day so... I couldn't do without any. I won't judge anyone for not wearing any but I just don't need to know :)

    • Well I was asking merely for peoples opinions, as I'm very self conscious and like to be accepted by the majority. Thanks for your answer though.

    • This is sort of my opinion... I'm just trying to relate to the subject and sharing exactly how I think about it :P

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