Ladies what are the ultimate deciding factors that make you like a random guy?

So ladies what are the ultimate deciding factors that make you

Give a random guy your number

Go home with/ SNL

makeout with a random guy


See I have buckets of confidence and I can talk...when girls give me the time of day haha

But seriously as much as I can dance and talk to women I still rarely get anywhere and I've gotten nowhere in my quest for finding a meaningful relationship.

So what am I doing wrong?

And what are the deciding factors that will make me successful? Don't tell me its mostly looks?

Because everyone says confidence is the most important thing (understandably), but then after confidence what comes next? It seems even with confidence I don't get much success so what would I be doing wrong?


Most Helpful Girl

  • if your looking for a meaningful relationship than why are you trying to find a chick to take home immediately? ha ha just saying. but um well overly confident is not good either, make sure your not an arrogant doucher :/ umm start the convo casually, like if your behind someone in line getting coffee make some stupid weather comment or something. start casual, don't just go up and be like HEYYYYY.

    • Well I know being overconfident can be a bad thing and I try not to be, i.e I don't try to act like a douche or an arrogant idiot. I'm usually just like you "you seem totally interesting/cute/adorable and I just had to say hi, I'm..." and go from there.

      Now as for trying to find a girl immediately, I'm trying to create something that is epic, romantic and meaningful but not too long term and maybe more casual til I find Mrs right.

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  • Very simple - am I attracted to him - and there is no way I can tell you about that because I cannot define who I am or am not attracted to.

  • personality


What Guys Said 1

  • Height, not being me, money, not being me, hilarity, not being me. I am terrible with women. I never get anywhere with them. We either end up not talking at all or I get used strictly as an emotional crutch. Thanks to this, I am a roving injection of cynicism: you're going to die alone and unloved.


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