Do girls really want me only because I have a nice body?

This really isn't to show off or anything (I'm anon, what would be the point?), I just want to know if its true. People, mostly girls, are always telling me that I have a really sexy figure and that's fine, but I think that's all they care about. Yesterday I was out drinking with some buddies and this girl who I don't know (who is pretty drunk) just sits down on my lap. I kindly escort her to a different chair and go to buy another round for my buddies and myself. I go to buy another round for myself and my buddies and the bartender (who is gorgeous, I might add) asks me, "So, do girls you don't know always try to sit on your lap or was that a one time thing?" We started talking and this got me thinking about the question I'm asking.

Are girls really that shallow? I thought y'all were supposed care more about personality and all that? I kind of feel like I'm being used to be honest.


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  • Yes they are, my girlfriend admitted that the first time she saw me she liked me for my body, I was in a button up shirt and when we were dancing she felt my arms she said, and she liked them.

    So yeah girls are just as bad.

    But you have to remember that girls will go for ugly guys if they have money (they won't admit this so don't bother)


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  • F*** this answer preview button and me posting 3 paragraphs worth of explanations, only to not have it submitted! grrr

    Anyway, here's the condensed version:

    - bartender was only using comment to hit on you and you thought she was "gorgeous," so you acted based on that general assessment of her physical qualities. Guess it's not a one way street, huh? Then again, I wouldn't have gone for the drunk biddie either, so if you had only two options, good choice. If you make that kind of choice every night, where you approach someone because of their appearance, then you might have a general idea of why girls act that way. Both men and females can be shallow and being used is not necessarily bad, especially if you dress up and work out for that kind of attention.

    - sometimes it's just a matter of "type." Even the people who say they don't have a type have some sort of overall characteristics that they associate with the person they're most attracted to (either physically, emotionally or w.e). Had a talk with my friend about this last night and we concluded that having a type just allows you to be selective in your choices of who to talk to out of EVERYONE you run into in a day. That is not to say that type always applies in every situation, sometimes there are outliers that just make your toes curl. For example, I'm very OCD and HATE body hair. While I can't stand dating a slob, because I have mini panic attacks and we might just kill each other, I once dated someone who shaved everything and hardly had hair to begin with. I can be selective like that, but if he shaves more than I do, we have a problem. It's all about what catches your eye, but the relationship doesn't have to be built on that.

    - It's healthy to be attracted to the person you're seeing. Call it natural, animal instincts or w.e, but we were made to be selective and reproduce. Since society has changed quite a bit from the days of the caveman, we have all these different life choices to keep us busy and rely on reason rather than instinct, but we still have that inbred horny-ness. Chances are you might be very attracted to your wife/husband if you ever get married, and who's to say that's a bad thing?

    • oops, well it's not condensed...but I liked this question

    • Nice condensed version =P.

      - I wasn't going after either of them, I had to talk to the bartender to get the drinks :)

      - That's true about people having types. Why are you afraid of body hair? Do you like boys, but not men?

      - Of course it is. The way I see it though, looks attract you at first and then personality keeps you attracted. I really hate dumb people and people that act dumb just to be cute. It's not cute, its f***ing pathetic.

    • The bartender sure pulled a fast one on you then! I'm not afraid of body hair, it's just a big turn off. Are you the stereotypical MAN that likes chest hair, plad shirts and choppin' wood as a hobby? Point in case, if your body hair defines what kind of man you are, then I know certain females that might be more manly than you... However, you already said looks attract you at first, which is what brings in the women with you. Whether you choose to talk to them is another story.

  • alot of girls are like that, but at the same time that's like guys dating a girl because she has a nice ass or a good rack, so its basically the same thing, some guys are respectful while others arent. I personally don't go for the body, because if you want a committed relationship, years from now, people don't look the same,

    • You're smart to have figured that out, but I don't think there's anything wrong with having fun while you're young and trying to get the movie star look-alike or a person you think is really hot

  • I think some people are shallow regardless of gender. I guess you are running into a lot of shallow girls, sorry. Not everyone is like this, I hope you encounter more girls that are not shallow. Wow, I can't believe that girl just sat on your lap like that!

  • If a guy is really that gorgeous I would think that i don't stand a chance with him for a relationship so i would at least let him fuck me.

  • To be honest,yes...that probably one factor they want you.

    • Thanks for the honesty.

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  • People are shallow; it's natural and instinctive. Having a hot body demonstrates that you have very healthy genes. It's the same reason why peacocks are so colorful. Looks are the first sign of attraction.

  • Yes. They can be just as shallow and aggressive as men. It happens to me all the time at bars too. I hate dumb drunk girls hitting on me. I live in the south so I am not sure but it seems like acceptable behavior for a woman to be all drunk and all over some guy.

    • I live in TX and I have noticed that girls are a lot easier in the south. (I used to live in the East) I mean I guess I shouldn't be complaining but I always think there's something wrong with them when they're that easy.

    • damn right me too

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