Hair professionally dyed!!!!!

i have really dark hair , its dark dark brown, I want chocolate brown hair with honey blond highlights in my bang, this is my first time, will dying it make it break off... I was told that it won't as long as it is professionally dyed and as long I keep going o my hair dresser to take care of it... My friends cousins hair fell out and she said she had it professionally dyed...


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  • I am assuming by your profile picture that you are black or partially black. Dying the hair , puts extra strain on it. Even relaxers do this. You can dye your hair but you will have to keep up with your conditioning, deep conditioning, oil, and hair care treatments. Black hair is naturally really dry so if you do all these harmful things to it and don't take good care of it, yes it will break. Just deep condition at least once a week. Sometimes you could cowash your hair with just conditioner. Some shampoos also dry your hair out , making it brittle so research this and find one that doesn't . Basically just keep your hair very moisturized. Also don't use reconstructor more than once a month because it could provide to much protein to the hair and cause it to break. Also try to limit your heat use, because that also causes strain and damage to the hair. Things that damage your hair: heat, relaxers, dying, using too much reconstructor, and combing it harshly ( esp if you are natural)...try to limit these. If you do too many harmful things to it at once its like bending a wire back and forth, it will soon break! Just pay attention to your hair, and keep it healthy and mositurized...limit the harmful stuff

    • also research the stylists you are going to and MAKE sure they know wtf they are doing...some people out there no nothing about hair even with a license...esp black hair

    • personally , I would never dye my hair. I have really long hair, I would just get a dyed sew in that looked natural...i would much rather damage the extensions than my own beautiful long hair...thats just my opinion. I know extensions on black women get a bad name I said I'd rather do those harmful things to the extensions thanmy own beautiful long hair. I like to keep my hair on my head lol

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  • Ohk, speaking as someone who was studying to become a hairdresser I can let you know straight away that getting your super dark hair lighter will take more than one session at the hairdressers to have it done properly & make sure it stays healthy..

    Espicially with "virgin" hair, they have to be mega careful koz it's in perfect condition as is.. Go in for a consultation, let them know whay you want & they can give you all the info you need.. Ask questions, that's the best thing, so you can make sure you fully understand the whole process of what they'll be doing to your hair..

    Silly me had my super gorgeous brown, silky hair then decided to get a mixture of bleach blond pannels on the top for summer a few years ago.. Biggest mistake ever, mostly my fault koz the hairdresser I went too was shiiiiit.. I regretted going, as the ends of my hair were frizzled & dead by the time I left.. I went & saw a girl I knew who was fully qualified to help me fix it, it's taken a while, with many treatments & haircuts, & I still don't have my proper pretty hair back =(

    Just be careful & make sure you get all the info you need before you make your decision.. Don't take your hair for granted!

    I hope I haven't cramped your style lols..

    Good luck =)

  • I had purple in my hair once. I had no problems. The only thing is if you bleach your hair to much it could really damage your hair but I don’t think just a few highlights are going to cause to much damage. For my hair it lasted 3 months since I didn’t go in the pool and I used color protecting shampoo and conditioner.

    One problem with me answering this though is that all hair reacts differently. Some hair may react badly to die(like your cuz) but most people have no problems. just make sure you take good care of it and you should be fine.


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