What do you think of a girl that really only requires a guy to be "sexy"?

like only wants a guy to be sexy/buff.

besides the typical and general, being loving, nice,caring...

is it a problem if a girl only shows attraction to you once you become buff or"sexy"?

it gives off the impression that she doesn't care about the guy anymore than how he looks.

guys what do you think about girls that are like this?

Ladies, any input from you would be appreciated.


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  • relationship probably won't last if it's just based on looks

    You can't fault them for wanting a hot guy, as most guys want a hot girl as well

  • It's just natural to see both guys and girls to hook up with people they deem attractive.

    • yeah but I feel like she won't show her full attention on me till I get buff/cut. It just draws some questions..

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    • If you aren't satisfied, you should do something about it. If you are on the skinnier side, you need to eat more protein and lift heavier with fewer repetitions. You won't need to go for long runs, but you could start sprint work outs since sprinters are pretty ripped.

    • i'm lifting now actually, started this week. I'm aware I have to eat like a hourse (2000+) calories for me,...sounds fun aha :p

      but yeah I am doing something about it bro, thanks [:

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