Hair dying for guys?

What's your take on this? I'm quite happy with my blond hair. It has gotten darker as I've gotten older and it gets darker with lesser sun exposure in the winter. My mother says she wants me to get it professionally dyed by a stylist. She thinks that if I threw in some streaks of blond highlights that it will thicken the texture of my hair and make it more dense and colorful. I personally think it's OK as is but I'd be OK with trying it since I don't like the idea of it turning too dark.


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  • Personally, I don't like the idea of my guy dying his hair.. That's just me tho..

    But if you don't mind giving it a go, try it out & if you don't like it then it'll grow out & you won't have to do it again =)

    Just make sure to let the hairdresser know exactly what you want, or even take a pic in of something you like in for them to work with

  • Natural is always the best way to go, hair dye damages your hair and unless you plan on getting it touched up or re-done every month - 2 months I wouldn't personally.

    If you still really want to get it done go to a professional and make sure it's done right.

    p.s there are sprays - (Like Sun-in) and shampoos you can buy that lighten up your hair and aren't costly.


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