Why do you think he reacted this way to my tat?

A guy I know really likes tattoos on girls, especially sleeve tattoos. I recently got a tattoo and showed him (it's not big or obvious) and he asked me if I was going to get a sleeve done next when I told him no he seemed disappointed. Why do you think he acted like this? I know he finds tattoos attractive but was it Because he thinks I need it to be more attractive to him?


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  • As long as you get tattoos for yourself, then it's just a bonus if somebody else likes it. I have playboy bunny tattoos on my arms, and especially now with that Playboy show on TV, I'm embarrassed since the bunny logo is everywhere, on commercials, billboards, etc.

    Don't sleeve up just for him, since worst case you'll have a very visible tattoo that you may not really like.

    BTW, I got the bunnies in part to impress a girl...she got married earlier this year to another guy, but I'll always have these bunnies to remember her by :o

    • i'd never put something on my body that I didn't want there but it is a plus when someone else likes it :) sucks about that chick for you though :( I don't want a sleeve tattoo and I'd never get one so that's just his loss I guess hahaha

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  • Maybe he didn't find your tattoo that awesome... he has probably seen cooler ones.

    • i'm sure he has, it's not big but size doesn't matter you should know that ;). But I should have mentioned he did seem impressed that I had one and even said he was proud.

    • then it is fine, he was just hoping you would get a sleeve one next. so you got pics of the tattoo? what you get?

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  • Yes, because then you would become more attractive to him. You don't need a sleeve but it's a turn on for him.

    • thanks :) kinda the way I see it too, just need clarification

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